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March 28, 2009, 1:36 pm
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GlömpX is a book and an exhibition that we launched in the beginning of March. I’ve been curating, editing and organizing this thing for the whole 2008. It’s 10th issue of Glömp and also our +10-years anniversary project. It’s also the last Glömp I will edit. However, the publication might continue in some form but let’s see. We’ll first go through this exhibition tour of ca. 10 countries in Europe. That takes until end of 2010. I’m exhausted and it’s time to do something else for a while.

Glömp has always meant lot of work and it’s always been a great risk to publish. At the moment I feel somehow reliefed. There was a great urge to keep it fresh every issue – an anthology has to reform to obtain it’s goals. For me these goals are obvious. An anthology can publish material that is risky, authors that are new to the readers, works that experiment with the way of expression. It’s all still less of a risk than publishing an own book for these works. It’s sure we need to take risks to get this thing called “comics” somewhere. However, taking a risk and failing usually makes it all worse. With Glömp I had three goals: 1) to make Glömp a regular publication that serves as a platform comic experiments 2) to present new Finnish artists to the rest of the world 3) to present new foreign artists to the Finnish audience. These were of course the goals that defined the publication itself. This all is meaningless if there are no readers. Here we have another reason why an athology should be fresh – making it the same way over and over again means you’re actually defining your audience… that will most likely decrease issue after issue. There are lots of examples on this, Blab is one. That’s not interesting even for comic enthusiastics anymore, though the content would still have meaningful value.

Hey, I forgot to tell you about the project itself. It’s 168-page book in full colour, featuring 15 Finnish artists. Comes in hardcovers and with a soundtrack on a CD. As usually, there isn’t any theme in this (I hate themes, they just don’t work) BUT I gave a our artists a task to do a comic that’s in 3 dimensions. I’m not writing about just some 3-dimensional tricks but a totally new dimension in the narration of the comic. GlömpX is the result of this. For sure it’s an experiment but the result we got is interesting. Idea was not to invent something totally new (that was just a plus) but to use 3-dimensional narration effectively.

We have a small website on GlömpX that you can visit here. It explains the whole project from the scratch.

I’d gladly hear your comments on this.

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