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The Dream of Hope
March 28, 2009, 1:54 pm
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For the past two months we (Tiina and I) have been working here on the west coast of Finland, by the frozen sea in a wooden house that comes with a bunch of mice living above us. It’s peaceful here and besides doing some ice fishing (that’s true! how art brut is that???) I finally got the 3rd Book of Hope finished.

The Finnish edition is now in printers and that’s another thing I feel reliefed with. One PAINFUL project that was but I’m happy with the result. To you how know the previous two books I can tell that this third part is one book long dream of the main character. The Dream of Hope is a wild west story about an outlaw name Jack. It’s quite apocalyptic actually. However, the book presents ‘an image of man’ – a hero that cannot die. That’s quite much a dilemma as you can imagine, in real life at least.

Finnish edition (Uni Toivosta) is out in April from Like. We’ll have a small release party for that in Helsinki. I’ll let you know. What comes to the other editions, the English one is hopefully out until MoCCA, published by Bries and the French one should come from La 5e Couche later this year or beginning of 2010.

From this on I’ll try to keep the pace of one book a year. There’ll be five in total so that means it’ll be all ready until spring 2011. That’s in the future. Eeek.


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