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April 11, 2009, 4:16 pm
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Sander asked if I could answer to some questions concerning my small picture pamphlet Death to Most, particularly the pixel works in it. So, in this small interview we’re taking bit of a look back to 8bits on 80’s and how that’s related to my work these days. To whom this might not say anything, I’m quoting 8bit Today:

“8bit – is a generation of computers, mainly from the 80ties. These particular computers had strong limitations in every aspect; audio, graphics and speed of the processor were only a mere fraction of nowadays standards. Dealing with these limitations brought very authentic aesthetics.”

In other words: we were, are and will be nerds. God save the nerds.


The second issue of Paper Kills Trees. You can browse it all online. Takes a glance on diy-fanzine-artzine world. +30 artists, articles, interviews… lots of good people that have been pushing it together for a long time already. Kristen asked me to explain something about Boing Being and what I’m doing in general but I don’t quite remember anymore what I actually said. Apart from that this is good stuff, fresh and quality. After reading that, you should also keep your eye on Kristen’s blog.

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you are an awesome dude, tommi.

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