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Love and anarchy
September 16, 2010, 7:39 am
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The Helsinki 23rd Film Festival is on. Did the illustration for it. Just as a note to the small e-mail interview in the festival magazine – there’s a quote in the end saying “I stole the image from some Escher”. That sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? Like a thief who wouldn’t know Escher’s work. The actual quote was “I stole something to the image from Escher”. That’s bit different meaning. Don’t know what happened but anyway, the image uses one of Escher’s images as reference – the one I’ve always called “DNA”, but not sure if that’s the real name. This one:

Escher has been a big influence for me since young. I always liked illusions and images where you can wander around, sort of narrative. I’ve explained this way why my images look what they look. My childhood favourites (8-12yo) were Jacovitti’s Cocco Bill and a Mosaik from Hannes Hegen (a comic from DDR that was published with name “Digedagit” in Finnish). What comes to Jacovitti’s work, I’d say it’s mostly playful and imaginative. He stretches, bends and mutates his characters like it was natural. The laws of physics get broken when he wants.

What comes to Mosaik, in Finland it was a comic that was sold through the book club of Friends of Soviet Union (or something like that) that my parents belonged to. I think actually it was the only comic they sold in that club. Anyway, I got one of them as Christmas present (they made ca. 10 thicker books that are collections of the early Mosaik magazines), liked it and got them all later. The comic actually isn’t political at all. It’s half comic, half illustrated text, adventures of three guys in wild west of America. Bit poorly done but I liked it still, mostly because it was drawn really full of details and published in longer book format. However, there are no illusions here except “the dream of America” and the fact that DDR and SU do not exist anymore.

My advice: just break it.

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