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Spring Road Plan
March 9, 2016, 10:04 am
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Short update where I’ll be during next few months just so I can stay track myself as well:

10.–13.3. NEXTCOMIC (Linz, Austria)
There’s a small exhibition of my works and some talk I suppose… and I’ll of course be selling some stuff as well.

19.–20.3. TAMPERE KUPLII (Tampere, Finland)
We’ll have Kutikuti‘s booth and 10-year exhibition at this 2nd biggest Finnish festival.

21.–24.4. FUMETTO (Luzern, Switzerland)
I was invited to the Fumetto anniversary book & exhibition. We’ll also have Kutikuti’s Tempora Mutantur -exhibition & booth there with four people present. Kuti Club is on 21st after our opening with some Finnish sounds by Keijut. Be there!

12.5. GRAPHIC NOVEL DAYS (Hamburg, Germany)
A short trip to Hamburg (wish I could stay longer but I should as well get my new book finished before summer) which I’m especially excited of: got a privilege here to do a talk with two great guys: ATAK & Christian Gasser.

9.–11.6. OSLO COMICS EXPO (Oslo, Norway)
Kutikuti’s 10-year exhibition tours to Norway. We’ll carry as much free Kutis as possible and most likely speak about it all and sell our books and all that. Anyway, sort of reliefed I’m finally making it to OCX after all these year of absence.

12.6.–31.8. MÄNTTÄ ART FESTIVAL (Mänttä, Finland)
Got honour to be invited to this annual contemporary art show by Anssi The Great. Promised to do a roomful of new works and rented a space to do it already. Should just start now. Anyway, I’m sure it’ll turn out great!

… and as mentioned above, I’m about to finish a new book. That’s the 2nd book of Samuel – 160 pages in colour. I’m kind of proud of it already though there are 40 pages to finish still. Should be 19% better than the 1st book! Oh yes, we’ll reprint as well the 1st book with some new chapters. Anyway, I’ll give some proper news on this bit later. Stay tuned, kids!

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