Tommi Musturi

November 28, 2022, 10:49 am
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My book Cracking is represented with some prints at the Booked 2022 artists book exhibition in Helsinki. The show is open in MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre at Cable Factory (Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki) from 26th of November untl 18th of December 2022. Kutikuti is also present with a bunch of risograph zines.

From MUU Gallery’s press:

BOOKED 2022 is an exhibition devoted to books made by artists, conceptual literature and text-based artworks that is organized by MUU, Finland’s interdisciplinary art association. The exhibition will present over 200 artworks, artist books and publications from Finland, the Nordic countries and elsewhere.

The newly released ‘Seed Vault’—a collaboration between artist Vibeke Luther O’Rourke (NO) and poet Steiner Opstad (NO)—invites us to contemplate earthly and ethereal utopias. You can also survey digital history through the lens of imagined future technologies. The compilation ‘The Computer as Seen at the End of the Human Age’ presents works by fifteen artists that look at this history from this perspective.

Or immerse yourself in the very personal realm of artist sketchbooks. Several video interviews with artists Elisa Alaluusua’s (FI/UK) series ‘Sketchbooks’ bring us closer to how artists— professionals such as photographer Elina Brotherus (FI/FR) and sculptor Nigel Hal (UK)—develop their ideas. Alternatively, Michal Czinege’s (SK/FI) multi-tiered table enables viewers to explore his studies in a physical way.

Books documenting travel experiences will expose you to nearby and far away locales. Just take a look at Niina Pietarinen (FI) and Mira Vornanen’s (FI) ‘Retkella – kevät / On a trip – spring’ collaboration, or Niko Tampio’s (FI) Seoul Journal. This publication not only focuses on graffiti in the capital of South Korea, but also paints a picture of the street life experienced by the artist.

BOOKED 2022 is also presenting works by:
Liisa Ahlfors (FI), Susanna Autio (FI), Duncan Butt Juvonen (UK/FI), Valentina Gelain (IT/FI), Francisco Gonzales Commacho (ES/FI), Tiina Heiska (FI), Sirpa Häkli (FI), Susanna Kesänen (FI), Kastehelmi Korpijaakko (FI), Hilla Kurki (FI), Tuomas Kärkkäinen (FI), Lanka Palaa (Linnea Saarits & Vilja Joensuu) (FI), Antonio Junior Luzano (CA/FI), Tommi Musturi (FI), Ciara Quilty-Harper (UK/ES), Caroline Pajusaar (EE), Paula Roush (PO/UK), Ennisofia Salmela Flores (AR/FI), Lorenzo Servi (IT/FI), Mats Johan Soosaar (EE), Leda Vaneva (BG/FI), Sheung Yiu (HK/FI), Yujie Zhou (CN/FI) + many more…

Represented organizations and small presses include:
Bokeh Editions (FI), Codex Polaris (NO), Crow Press (NO), EKA-Estonian Art Academy (EE), Khaos Publishing (FI), Kuš! (LV), Kutikuti (FI), Nurkka Kustannus (FI), Osuuskunta Poesie (FI), Rikhardinkatu kirjasto (FI), Rojal (SE), Texst (NO), Utu Press (FI)