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Living the Line on Simply Samuel
June 14, 2022, 8:33 am
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Future retailer update
September 8, 2021, 10:52 am
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After a month from the release of Future#7 the post office just might have done their job and I can finally say that the mags along with earlier issues should be available from the following retailers:

Analph (SUI)
Atomic Books (US)
Birdcage Bottom Books (US)
Chili Com Carne (POR)
Domino Books (US)
Fantagraphics Store (US)
Floating World Comics (US)
Fortepressa (ITA)
Gosh! (UK)
Hole Hand (NED)
Huber Editions (FRA)
La 5e Couche (BEL)
Lambiek (NED)
Laukontorin antikva (FIN)
Push My Buttons (SWE)
Quimby’s Bookstore (US)
Risma Bookshop (ITA)
Sticky Institute (AUS)
Turun sarjakuvakauppa (FIN)

You can order issues #1–7 from me as well, 6€ / pcs or 60€ for the whole 10-issues subscription. Just PM.

August 30, 2021, 9:36 am
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Available now or soon from La 5e Couche (in French), Fantagraphics Books (in English), Fortepressa / D’Editore (in Italian), Chili Com Carne / Tinta Nos Nervos (in Portuguese), Lystring (in Swedish), Cult Pump (in Danish) and Zum Teufel (in Finnish). 132 pages and around 200 images in big size (24 x 34 cm), featuring article & commentary on all the works. You can get the Finnish edition from me as well, just mail me if interested.

Cracking / Future#7

The printers just gave birth to these two:

CRACKING is a 132-page picture book collecting my drawings, sketchbooks, illustrations, paintings, pixels +++ from the past ten years. Big size full colour burst with ca. 200 images. Includes an article ‘Emptiness to emptiness’ that collects my thoughts on working on the borderlands of art. Thanks to everyone who’ve helped and worked with the book – there are numerous of you. I started to work on the book ca. 18 months ago so this has been a mid-length marathon. Happy to have this out.

FUTURE#7 is Future: rich getting poor, cities decayin into dust, earth rotating still, life ending mostly, diamonds melting, future hardons and all that. After this there are three issues to go which I’ll try to get all out during 2022.

Get these both (including shipping) for 30€ in Finland, 40€ in EU and 50€ in the rest of the world. Or if you want just Future that’s 6€ worldwide incl. shipping (subscription to all 10 issues 60€). Note that I’m selling the Finnish edition of Cracking meaning the article and liner notes are in Finnish. It’s 97% just images though.

With Cracking I encourage you strongly to support your local dealers. The book is or will be out soon in seven languages:

Portuguese: Chili Com Carne / Tinta nos Nervos
Danish: Cult Pump
English: Fantagraphics Books
Italian: Fortepressa / D’Editore
French: La 5e Couche
Swedish: Lystring
Finnish: Zum Teufel


Four Color Future
May 5, 2021, 3:55 pm
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Thanks to Ryan C. for this nice review on Future in Four Color Apocalypse -blog.

Issue 7 is getting finished soonish and should be out in August ’21. Meanwhile you can order all the issues from me or (what’s better) from your local dealer. See list of current distributors holding the most recent issues down here in an earlier update.

The sketch here has nothing to do with Future but with something that’ll be as well out late August. Stay tuned!

Panellogy 376
March 19, 2021, 7:03 am
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Earl Grey and his Panellogy takes a look on Future magazines 1–5.

February 12, 2021, 3:46 pm
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Here we go again: Future#6 got just out the printers. That’s again 28-pages in as many colours as available in CMYK. I’m trying to tighten the pace a bit so that there’ll be two issues out still after this in 2021 and the remaining last two are out during ’22.

If you want this, it costs 6€ including shipping to anyplace on Earth. It’s as well possible to subscribe to it and the price for all 10 issues is 60€. Mail me if interested.

July 8, 2020, 8:53 am
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At this very moment I’m finalizing the last pages of 5th issue of my FUTURE comic. While it’s going to printers next week, there is an online interview by Nicholas Burman for the new SOLRAD website – a lengthy conversation where I explain bit more on the project, its background, aims and approaches, amongst everything else.

The photo here (and in the beginning of the article) is from my new studio in Siuro, a countryside village we moved to +year ago. The excellent French festival BD Aix has (an excellent) serie of photo reportages presenting ateliers of wild bunch of contemporary comic artists. To see more you may find some photos from this new space I’m totally happy to work in from the BD Aix’s site.

Pandora & Sticky Zine

These two rascals just got out:

Pandora vol. 5 is a thick close to 300-page book in colour from Casterman in France. The series present the new waves of comics from all around, focusing on short stories and diversity of works and artists. That’s a cheapo book (19€) as well containing a lot of good stuff. I’ve got in a Samuel 6-pager.

Sticky Zine is a skateboarding zine for ‘the old and clumsy’. Comes with ‘The Best of Pikakassa’ 7″ flex, poster and stickers. 32 pages featuring: Mato, Raw Rodgers, Pikakassa, Sticky Sounds Club, Olarin Panimo, @gskatecrew, Megabox Plans and my interview. Get it from Sticky Dudes for 10€ + shipping. FYI: the zine is in Finnish.

Future#4 out!
February 19, 2020, 3:44 pm
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The 4th issue of my 10-mag serie FUTURE was released last weekend at Å-Fest in Porvoo, Finland. Some samples attached here.

This one presents the bohemian artist collective gone underground while art has been made illegal. Meanwhile, read what an angry AI would like to do with you, how are the sounds of today and what’s happening some thousands of years from this moment inside that giant plastic bag that’s somewhere up there in thermosphere. Also more explanations on the dream town Centra and its citizens.

If you desire for a copy, that’s 5€ including shipping. 50€ for all 10 issues. Just paypal to and mail me. #5 should be out late August.