Tommi Musturi

November 23, 2022, 2:59 pm
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The contemporary comics collective KUTIKUTI would need some help to keep on doing what it does. Costs have gone higher in every direction. To make things better KK has just launched an X-mas Fundraiser. It gathers together four packages of art an publications:

1) A package of fifteen different 16-page risograph fanzines 50 €
2) KUTI magazine subscription and ten random older magazines 30 €
3) The Thick Book of Kuti (480 pages) and a random A4 risograph poster 50 €
4) Two different random screen prints in 420 x 600 mm size 50 €

So, if you’re looking for X-mas gift for someone special or would like to help in general, order some of these in HERE.

The funraiser is on for ONE WEEK so please act quickly.

Unlimited Lives part 2
March 3, 2020, 3:42 pm
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The second part of my new exhibition ‘Unlimited Lives’ will open this Friday at 6pm in Gallery Rajatila in Tampere, Finland. This kind of abstract wholesome consists of 14 prints with serigraphy and risography + a painting installation ‘The New Flags’. The opening serves as well as Tampere release for the new Future#4 magazine. Rajatila’s exhibition is open from 7th of March until 24th. And as usually I’ll bring a tableful of releases in book form for people to browse and buy. Welcome each and everyone of you!

(The images above are from a new serie called ‘Random Perspectives’, now first time shown in public.)

Unlimited Lives
July 27, 2019, 12:29 pm
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Unlimited Lives is a new exhibition wholesome that has it’s premier in MUU Gallery in Helsinki, with an opening on 2nd of August (5–7PM). The show presents new set of merely abstract prints and paintings and lasts until 8th of September.

I’ve been loading ENERGY in this stuff for the past year. The wholesome is in search of something timeless, possibly vanished. In all it’s a sort of counter reaction to click’n’go-culture and conceptual art. Anyway, go and see yourself!


Thanks to The Arts Promotion Centre and Finnish Ilustrators for support in making!