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Grafixx 2018
November 23, 2018, 1:12 pm
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I tell you: go to GRAFIXX held 30.11.–2.12. in Antwerp. Besides the great festival you’ll get a free offset-printed portfolio along your weekend pass.

The portfolio features works from Amanda Baeza, Ben Gijsemans, Charlotte Peys, Clay Hickson, Eliza Pepermans, Hannah Waldron, Ingrid Godon, Jack Teagle, Janus P. Lemaire, Joakim Drescher, Kim DuChateau, Lasse Wandschneider, Lukas Verstraete, Marcus Oakley, Niels Egidius, Gary Taxali, Paul Parant, Sarah-Louise Barbett, Sébastien Conard, Yule Hermans and me. That’s in two colours if you wonder.

Get your ticket in here.


Disk Covers
October 19, 2018, 8:35 am
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DISK COVERS is an exhibition that started 12.10.2018 in The Finnis Museum of Games in Tampere. It’s presenting the subculture of disk cover art that started during mid 80s. Basicly this scene was part of Commodore 64 demoscene with artists drawing their own floppy covers for demos, magazines, people and so on. Ari ‘Duce’ Seppä and I curated the show (as we’ve been part of this since late 80s) and it presents over 300 works from all around the world.

This must be the very first time covers are presented in this scale so if you’re around go on and see it – it’s for sure all works you’ve never seen. Also its an exhibition of works mostly by selftaught artists and what’s most significant showing a culture where mostly teenage BOYS express themselves by drawing. The show is on until early 2019.

Clip by The Finnish Museum of Games
Checkpoint TV clips by Jukka ‘Grendel’ Kauppinen: 1, 2, 3 and 4

Covers © Duce (top) / (left–right) Junkie / Suicidal / Mermaid / Nazgul / Elegance / Electric


October 7, 2018, 8:32 pm
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Made the cover image for the new issue of Finnish comics journal Sarjainfo that’s been the main voice for comics here since 1972. Features an interview (in Finnish) as well.

October 6, 2018, 11:30 am
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Studio Pilar’s new issue of COCKTAILS is out in Italy. Featured is my 5-page story on the drink ‘Dark & Stormy’. I recommend the drink for a hot summer day and the fanzine for regular use throughout the year, day and night.

Sticky Dudes
October 6, 2018, 11:22 am
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Worked on a deck for Sticky Dudes. Small edition made but you may ask if there are still some left from The Dudes themselves. Fun to do this indeed. It’s been around 30 years I quit boarding myself after going through a window and cutting my main vein :)… but designing a board was kind of teen dream that never got fulfilled (like teen dreams mostly do).

So if you’re into something oldschool like this for your deck, let me know. Just to say I really loved Roskopp’s designs when kid. Photos @juhohut

Formula Bula
September 25, 2018, 8:44 am
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The 6th edition of Formula Bula festival will be held in Paris 28.–30.9. I and Petra from Kutikuti will join the festival. We’ll bring some books, free Kutis, talk & sign stuff. Programme seems again interesting with guests such as Emil Ferris, Le dernier cri, Émile Bravo, Martes Bathori, Blutch and many more.

At the fest, Kutikuti’s touring exhibition ‘Tempora Mutantur’ will take place in Point Ephémère (200 Quai de Valmy) until 21st of October.

Later, I will also participate in a meeting at l’EESAB de Rennes on Tuesday, October 2 at 6pm. Yes, that’s in Rennes.

So see you soon!

New Book


New book. Yes, released about NOW!

“The Anthology of Mind” should be available now or soon in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, France and Finland. English edition coming out someday next Spring. AOM is a sort of retrospective thing collecting works from 1997–2017. It gathers short stories published mostly in small print-run fanzines and anthologies around the world. I’d say it’s 128 pages of mostly work that only a few have seen. I did reletter, recolor, draw extra, fix, cut & paste, write, glue, cry, drink gallons of coffee with this so better check it out.

Our Finnish edition entitled “Mielen antologia” will be released upcoming weekend at The Helsinki 33rd Comics Festival thanks to Zum Teufel.

So, go and support your local publisher:

Fortepressa (Italy)
Fulgencio Pimentel (Spain)
Chili Com Carne (Portugal)
La 5e Couche (France/Belgium)
Timof (Poland)
Forlaens (Denmark)
Zum Teufel (Finland)

What comes to The Helsinki 33rd Comics Festival, I’ll be there with an own booth & new stuff. Will talk about Future-project and AOM on Saturday at 5pm. More info on the festival programme.

Also Kutikuti’s semi-legenday KUTICLUB is held upcoming Friday in Bar Mascot as an opening for the festival Performing Jukka Herva & Data City, KK DJs and karaoke (!). Tickets 3€. We’ll release Kuti#49 and truly a PILE of new zines and books. Welcome!