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Jornal de natal
December 22, 2020, 9:48 am
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An image for Jornal de natal curated by Ana Biscaia and André Ruivo in Portugal. Happy holidays and COVID/Trump-free year 2021 to each and every one of you!

December 2, 2020, 9:26 am
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Ok, one day late but anyway: here’s my ’desperately trying to make some more room in my studio’ -calendar with 24 items or bundles. If you’re looking for some sort of presents for Christmas, support your local art dealer.

  1. NEW Gang -serigraphy – 40€
  2. NEW Portrait -serigraphy – 40€
  3. Future Subscription (all 10 issues) – 60€
  4. Four sketchbook publications – 15€
  5. Sticky Dudes 2020 -deck – 50€
  6. Sticky Dudes ‘Mato’-deck – 50€
  7. Samuel T-shirt & cap – 40€
  8. Samuel statue – 50€
  9. Two Samuel Books + serigraphy – 50€
  10. The Book of Hope + serigraphy – 50€
  11. Composition From Inside 1 -serigraphy – 150€
  12. Composition From Inside 2 -serigraphy – 150€
  13. Composition From Inside 3 -serigraphy – 150€
  14. Composition From Inside 4 -serigraphy – 150€
  15. Image of Daily Continuance 1 -risography – 30€
  16. Image of Daily Continuance 2 -risography – 30€
  17. Image of Daily Continuance 3 -risography – 30€
  18. Image of Daily Continuance 4 -risography – 30€
  19. Random Perspective 1 -serigraphy – 40€
  20. Random Perspective 2 -serigraphy – 40€
  21. Random Perspective 3 -serigraphy – 40€
  22. Stage of Enlightenment 1 -serigraphy – 40€
  23. Stage of Enlightenment 2 -serigraphy – 40€
  24. Stage of Enlightenment 3 -serigraphy – 40€

NOTE! All the prints are signed and numbered while editions vary from 20 to 100. The Book of Hope and Simply Samuel -books are available in English or Finnish, Samuels are 98% mute of course. There are green, grey, pink and white colours of the Samuel tee available, also various colours of the statue. Print sizes vary from 20 x 20 cm to A1. Future is running halfway with issue #6 being released in January. The Samuel prints (that go with the two 1st books) and The Book of Hope -prints I’ve got several different – will send you samples if interested. Shipping will be added to all prices here EXCEPT to Future subscription that features shipping worldwide. Some of the items I’ve got just a few copies left.

If interested send me a message and I’ll provide more information.

Happy Voting!
November 3, 2020, 9:00 am
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Did this ‘after Escher’ illustration for The Daily Trumpet some time ago. Got high hopes that this will be the last image on Trump I have to work on. However, relatively scared on the following days no matter which side will win.

September 16, 2020, 8:40 am
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Happy to announce that the DIGI-KUTI (#57) is officially out. That’s the autumn 2020 issue presenting adventures into the forms of digital narration. After few years break I managed to edit this one.

Featured artists: Benjamin Bergman (FI), Bogomil Bratoev (BG), Roope Eronen (FI), Esko Heikkilä (FI), Tero Heikkinen (FI), Jellica (UK), Tim Koch (AU), Tiina Lehikoinen (FI), Ilan Manouach & Yannis Siglidis (GR), Raquel Meyers (ES), Tommi Musturi (FI), and Joonas Rinta-Kanto (FI).

Read online or download.

Along the magazine we’ve built up The Digi-Kuti Exhibition that is open until 30th of September 2020.

FYI: to able to release Kuti for all of you we need subscribers. One year (4 issues) costs 14 € in Finland and 22 € anyplace else. Subscribe to Kuti.

New pics on Commodore C64
September 14, 2020, 9:25 am
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Found some spare time to work on C-64 pixels again. This is the result that was released at our yearly summer meeting PsykoZ last weekend. That’s a meet we’ve done since 90s with bunch people who share an interest on working with this old great machine.

Just note that Commodore 64 has a fixed palette of 16 colours. There are several graphic modes where the resolutions and colour restrictions vary as well. In these the so called multicolour images are 160 x 100 px (with 2×1 wide ‘pixels + raster splits in borders) and hold one global colour and three changeable colours. With these I’ve used Dr. TerrorZ’s editor MultiPaint that’s suitable for other old platforms as well. The flickery one and portrait of Allen Ginsberg are PETSCII graphics, worked out with the 256 char character set of C-64. Try out Marq’s multiplatform editor to make those.

Download all the material + a lot of more from CSDB and run on original machine or emulator.

Thanks to TNT for most of the code.

The Muppet
September 7, 2020, 9:58 am
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A cover done Chinese band The Muppet. This was done so that it can be split in four to be used as covers for the singles.

Book Covers
August 23, 2020, 3:30 pm
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Had a privilege to work on these two book covers last Spring. The one on the left is a cover for Jussi Seppänen’s book ‘Jussi Seppänen’ from WSOY. The one on the right is a two-colour one for V. S. Luoma-Aho’s book ‘Safar’ from Poesia. These are excellent books both, so check them out (out only in Finnish atm).



Back from holidays and Future#5 just got out the printers! Glad how it came out. Now the serie is halfway, five issues to go. This is my weapon against capitalism.

In this fifth issue of the serie the several storylines start to get twisted. What might be underneath the lost city of Centra? Who has built the series of world tormenting AI? What happens, when a normie spectator finds himself as a drugged star of The Reality Show? Find out…

Due Finnish Post I’ve been forced to raise the price for single issues to 6€ and the whole 10 issue subscription to 60€. If you’re interested in ordering, mail me. The prices include shipping worldwide. NOTE! Due I’m keeping the prices as low as possible I’m shipping it all as 2nd class (1st class would mean x2 prices). While the current Covid-19 crisis all the shipments have had enormous delays from one up to four (4!) months. So, dear customers, I’m asking for patience. Will update a list of retailers later. Stay tuned.

August 3, 2020, 12:06 pm
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Thanks to Masaharu Kuramochi an article of me and my work was just featured in the latest independent manga magazine ‘AX’ (from Seirinkogeisha), a follower of legenday Garo magazine in Japan. Take a look on it if you have a chance. Features a great variety of Japanese independent graphic art.

July 8, 2020, 8:53 am
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At this very moment I’m finalizing the last pages of 5th issue of my FUTURE comic. While it’s going to printers next week, there is an online interview by Nicholas Burman for the new SOLRAD website – a lengthy conversation where I explain bit more on the project, its background, aims and approaches, amongst everything else.

The photo here (and in the beginning of the article) is from my new studio in Siuro, a countryside village we moved to +year ago. The excellent French festival BD Aix has (an excellent) serie of photo reportages presenting ateliers of wild bunch of contemporary comic artists. To see more you may find some photos from this new space I’m totally happy to work in from the BD Aix’s site.