Tommi Musturi

February 26, 2018, 12:05 pm
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In case you’re looking for good anthologies and have missed Fanta’s recent serie NOW you better check it out. Fresh & international with mostly new works. The latest second issue contains 120 pages and a new Samuel 6-pager among them.

In all featuring works from Ariel Lopez V., Fabio Zimbres, Conxita Herrero, Dash Shaw, Nick Thorburn, Sammy Harkham, Joshua Cotter, Susan Jonaitis & Graham Chaffee, Anuj Shrestha, Andrice Arp, Joseph Remnant, James Turek, Christian Rex Van Minnen and me.


September 13, 2017, 1:25 pm
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Hey! See you in SMALL PRESS EXPO (Bethesda, Maryland) the upcoming weekend!

I’ll join the panel ‘Shock Humor, Farce and Satire’ along Aaron Lange, Sabin Cauldron and Katie Fricas on Friday (9/16) at 4–5 pm. That takes place in White Flint Auditorium with Heidi MacDonald hosting.

You may find me as well signing Simply Samuel and The Book of Hope at Fantagraphics booth on Saturday (9/16) 12–1 pm and Sunday (9/17) 3–4 pm.

For the massive full programme please check SPX website:

I’m bringing along some copies of recent Kuti to give out, maybe something else as well… so see you there!