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Future retailer update
September 8, 2021, 10:52 am
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After a month from the release of Future#7 the post office just might have done their job and I can finally say that the mags along with earlier issues should be available from the following retailers:

Analph (SUI)
Atomic Books (US)
Birdcage Bottom Books (US)
Chili Com Carne (POR)
Domino Books (US)
Fantagraphics Store (US)
Floating World Comics (US)
Fortepressa (ITA)
Gosh! (UK)
Hole Hand (NED)
Huber Editions (FRA)
La 5e Couche (BEL)
Lambiek (NED)
Laukontorin antikva (FIN)
Push My Buttons (SWE)
Quimby’s Bookstore (US)
Risma Bookshop (ITA)
Sticky Institute (AUS)
Turun sarjakuvakauppa (FIN)

You can order issues #1–7 from me as well, 6€ / pcs or 60€ for the whole 10-issues subscription. Just PM.

August 30, 2021, 9:36 am
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Available now or soon from La 5e Couche (in French), Fantagraphics Books (in English), Fortepressa / D’Editore (in Italian), Chili Com Carne / Tinta Nos Nervos (in Portuguese), Lystring (in Swedish), Cult Pump (in Danish) and Zum Teufel (in Finnish). 132 pages and around 200 images in big size (24 x 34 cm), featuring article & commentary on all the works. You can get the Finnish edition from me as well, just mail me if interested.

Four Color Future
May 5, 2021, 3:55 pm
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Thanks to Ryan C. for this nice review on Future in Four Color Apocalypse -blog.

Issue 7 is getting finished soonish and should be out in August ’21. Meanwhile you can order all the issues from me or (what’s better) from your local dealer. See list of current distributors holding the most recent issues down here in an earlier update.

The sketch here has nothing to do with Future but with something that’ll be as well out late August. Stay tuned!

Panellogy 376
March 19, 2021, 7:03 am
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Earl Grey and his Panellogy takes a look on Future magazines 1–5.


These along the new issue #6 are now or soon available from the retailers below. Note that thanks to Huber Editions Future now finally has a seller in France as well. New distributors are Librairie HumuS in Lausanne and Risma Bookshop in Rome. So, support your local dealer. You can of course get these from me as well. That’s 6€ each or 60€ for the whole 10-issue subscription, just PM.

Anagram Books / Staalplaat (Ger)
Atomic Books (US)
Birdcage Bottom Books (US)
Bries Space (BEL)
Chili Com Carne (POR)
Desert Island (US)
Domino Books (US)
Fatbottom Books (ESP)
Floating World (US)
Fortepressa (ITA)
Gosh (UK)
Huber Editions (FRA)
Lambiek (NED)
Laukontorin antikva (FIN)
Librairie HumuS (SUI)
Lukulaari (FIN)
Push My Buttons (SWE)
Quimby’s Bookstore (US)
Risma Bookshop (ITA)
Sticky Institute (AUS)
Strangers Fan Zine (US)
Turun sarjakuvakauppa (FIN)

February 12, 2021, 3:46 pm
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Here we go again: Future#6 got just out the printers. That’s again 28-pages in as many colours as available in CMYK. I’m trying to tighten the pace a bit so that there’ll be two issues out still after this in 2021 and the remaining last two are out during ’22.

If you want this, it costs 6€ including shipping to anyplace on Earth. It’s as well possible to subscribe to it and the price for all 10 issues is 60€. Mail me if interested.

Prix de la BD Alternative 2021

I’m prolly the last one to share this but anyway this is HAPPY news to us in Kutikuti: The Thick Book of Kuti got awarded with Prix Alternative 2021 by The Angoulême Comics Festival last Friday. Thanks to the jury – this is an honour.

Congratulations to the book editors Heikki and Tuomas, the whole crew behind the book, supporters & Zum Teufel, all the artists featured and as well the hundreds of artists that ever participated in Kuti magazine.

KK has some of the books still available so order your copy NOW. We’re atm working with 59th issue of Kuti which you can subscribe to in here. By ordering the book or Kuti magazine you’ll make sure we can do this stuff in future as well.

Link to the online ceremony.

December 2, 2020, 9:26 am
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Ok, one day late but anyway: here’s my ’desperately trying to make some more room in my studio’ -calendar with 24 items or bundles. If you’re looking for some sort of presents for Christmas, support your local art dealer.

  1. NEW Gang -serigraphy – 40€
  2. NEW Portrait -serigraphy – 40€
  3. Future Subscription (all 10 issues) – 60€
  4. Four sketchbook publications – 15€
  5. Sticky Dudes 2020 -deck – 50€
  6. Sticky Dudes ‘Mato’-deck – 50€
  7. Samuel T-shirt & cap – 40€
  8. Samuel statue – 50€
  9. Two Samuel Books + serigraphy – 50€
  10. The Book of Hope + serigraphy – 50€
  11. Composition From Inside 1 -serigraphy – 150€
  12. Composition From Inside 2 -serigraphy – 150€
  13. Composition From Inside 3 -serigraphy – 150€
  14. Composition From Inside 4 -serigraphy – 150€
  15. Image of Daily Continuance 1 -risography – 30€
  16. Image of Daily Continuance 2 -risography – 30€
  17. Image of Daily Continuance 3 -risography – 30€
  18. Image of Daily Continuance 4 -risography – 30€
  19. Random Perspective 1 -serigraphy – 40€
  20. Random Perspective 2 -serigraphy – 40€
  21. Random Perspective 3 -serigraphy – 40€
  22. Stage of Enlightenment 1 -serigraphy – 40€
  23. Stage of Enlightenment 2 -serigraphy – 40€
  24. Stage of Enlightenment 3 -serigraphy – 40€

NOTE! All the prints are signed and numbered while editions vary from 20 to 100. The Book of Hope and Simply Samuel -books are available in English or Finnish, Samuels are 98% mute of course. There are green, grey, pink and white colours of the Samuel tee available, also various colours of the statue. Print sizes vary from 20 x 20 cm to A1. Future is running halfway with issue #6 being released in January. The Samuel prints (that go with the two 1st books) and The Book of Hope -prints I’ve got several different – will send you samples if interested. Shipping will be added to all prices here EXCEPT to Future subscription that features shipping worldwide. Some of the items I’ve got just a few copies left.

If interested send me a message and I’ll provide more information.